Art Auction

Each month we will be running an art auction to support our projects.

The concept is simple, half of anything above the artist's asking price (starting bid) will go to the artist and the other half will go to The Giving Experiment's recycling project fund.

Reserves are set in place to make sure the artists are fairly compensated for their work and effort.

This month of October, we are featuring Juan Jose Yojcom of San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala.

Please place your bid in the comment box below the painting of your choice and remember to check back every month for new pieces! Bidding closes on the first day of each month.

Juan Jose Yojcom

Elote, 2021

Oil on Canvas.

20" x 50"

Reserve/Starting bid: 160.00CAD

IMG_2752 (2).jpg

Juan Jose Yojcom

La Hembra, 2021

Oil on Canvas

32" x 24"

Starting bid at 130.00


About the Artist


Juan Jose goes by Jose.

He is a dear friend to the project and is nothing short of huge inspiration to us as parents. Jose can be found at any time of the day in his family-run gallery, working diligently to provide for his beautiful brood. 

"Father first, husband second, artist third, farmer fourth, and fisherman fifth."


His works reflect the life and everyday objects of rural living in Guatemala. 


We love this family so dearly and are excited to have the opportunity of showcasing their gallery's artwork. (We have a Corn painting of his in our kitchen, absolutely stunning!)