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Dear Reader:

We are so thankful for our community of story followers and site subscribers that are interested enough in what we are doing to keep up with the blog and stay updated. We are looking for readers like you to help us stay afloat by subscribing to a monthly blog plan to support our cause! We currently have 30 monthly supporters signed up for a regular blog total monthly income of $1105. We have a goal of $1500 to cover our regular monthly expenses. Please sign up to be a part of this adventure with us! Plans start at just $5CAD per month.  

We need your help!

This adventure has been all about going on a limb for us and finding ways to support a lifestyle that would benefit not just our immediate family but others as well. We picked Guatemala because of the high poverty rate and the ability to do much with little. So far so good but we need more people like you onboard!

Here in Guatemala, just $60 dollars feeds 30 kids a nutritious and full meal of veggies, protein, tortilla, rice and beans. The cost of these meals and additional kids club supplies is included in this monthly budget goal of $1500 that we are looking to raise from blog subscribers and regular readers. (If every blog subscriber were to sign up for a $5-10 plan we would have this covered!)

Thank you in advance for helping us continue on this path and to those that have been supporting us all along the way or that have recently already signed up for a giving plan. Small amounts of support really do add up. That is 100% what we are going for, a community grassroots movement!


Currently with 35 kids, club cost is just over $100 per week. This cost includes the meal, paying the adult staff that forms the committee and all supplies needed for crafts and garbage collection.

The remaining portion of the budget we are seeking to raise goes towards our personal family expenses and other secondary projects as shown in the gallery.