The Giving Experiment Gallery


The guesthouse is the gift that keeps on giving.

Looking to maximize and create long term sustainability, we have used many one time donations to fix up a leased a house for volunteers that wish to come and support the projects. The guesthouse is one and the same with the community center. The intention of the guesthouse is to have a space where volunteers can have a nice and safe place to stay at great value while simultaneously creating revenue for the kid's club to draw from. As the year has unfolded, we have seen our community projects evolve organically into a beautiful ecosystem of cells that support one another in different important ways. Check out the "community center" section to see some examples! 

Terrace suite

The terrace suite is built on the roof of the community center and has a beautiful view of Lake Atitlan. It is basically a tiny home with its own couch, double bed, closet, desk and kitchenette. The lake-view from the bed up in the loft is breathtaking. Enjoy a fire in the fireplace/pizza oven on the deck while you heat a hot bath to bask in under the stars. This place is luxury and deserves to be checked out by YOU! Nightly rental cost is $45 or just $650 for a month!

Terrace Sunrise View


Main floor rooms

While maybe not the same kind of WOW as the Terrace Suite, these rooms are still really nice and comfortable rooms. Spacious and equipped with double beds, these rooms offer a place for our guests to relax and unwind with a mini courtyard/seating area with a fire pit right outside their doors. Rooms rent for $11.00/night or $280.00/Month!