As a family run experiment, our passion is in social and environmental work. Our current projects integrate the two, bringing a fun and dynamic approach to the messy work of cleaning up the environment in a setting with children. 

Our Work

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Niños para un mejor San Juan

This is our weekly kids' club. Every week we gather with local children here in San Juan and clean up the streets and beaches of our community. The program is planned and directed by a committee of local Mayan women. As newcomers to the area and community, we see our role as supporters and fundraisers only for this incredible initiative. The program involves planned games, garbage collection and the installing of a new public garbage can in the area cleaned that week. At the end of each event, the children are provided with a lesson on sanitation and proper handwashing before receiving a full, nutritious meal!

Plastic Co.

Using the materials collected from the ever-growing children's clubs, Plastic Co. will produce furniture and plastic bricks for building homes. We are on a mission to raise $35,000 to establish this recycling plant. The plant will provide approximately 10 full-time local jobs and put San Juan on the map as a village doing its part to preserve the earth. This plastic that is littered everywhere is an opportunity waiting to be harvested. Please donate generously to play an active part in making this happen!

Image by Lauren Kay

"The Dog House"

As parents, it's kind of hard to say no to a child that truly wants to participate in making the world a better place, in his own way. Our second son Royal is allowed to bring one street dog home at a time. We get it healthy, get it fixed, and find it a new loving home. Your donation to this initiative will help cover vet and food costs. Want to adopt a dog?! Get in touch!

Airbnb treehouse

In an ongoing effort to become less dependent on donations to fund these projects, we have started to build a full size treehouse that we will rent out as an Airbnb. Your donation to this project is greatly appreciated as it's impact will be exponential. The view in this picture is what you see from the deck of the build!


Our Family Expenses

Look, it's not as glamourous as the rest of the projects but we still need toilet paper and groceries as a family! A monthly contribution to our day-to-day family expenses makes a huge difference in our personal lives. Thank you for your contributions to "the boring".