The Giving Experiment outline

Edit: This page has not been updated since the inception of the project. We have left it this way so that site visitors and people that are new to the project can see where we have come from since the original idea. 

Written in January 2021:

After 12 years of running a family business in the trades industry, we are finally hanging up our paintbrushes and are looking to improve lives rather than walls.


Although it's been a great pleasure dealing with individual clients and taking pride in the tangible results of renovations, the deadlines and go-go hustle of the industry have finally taken a toll on our family life. (Please check out our first blog post, "A catalyst for change" to read more about that.)

What we crave are meaningful connections and community.

Over the next few months, we will be winding down our business, selling off our possessions, and raising money to help cover some of our living expenses while working with street kids in Central America. We are racing against time with new Covid Lockdowns and unrest in the USA. We hope to relocate ASAP. As a family, we will be the first to admit that now is a crazy time to travel abroad and interact with a new community.


Yet, it is a calling we feel strongly about and are working very hard to get there. Now is the time when we are most needed.

Our main work will be to connect with children in need and create a handful of profiles on this site under 'Their Stories'.

We will count on readers like you to donate directly to help these individual children. Donations will provide them with the tools they need to start small businesses, help their families, money for education, rent, etc. We will observe and document their needs when the time comes. 

We look forward to presenting information and hearing your ideas.


Updates will be posted regularly on the children's profiles so supporters and donors will immediately see the impact their donations are having.

By following the blog, watching the videos, and following the stories of those we encounter, you will be supporting our cause by creating traffic on our sites and channels. 

Thank you to all our community for your support!