Their Stories

It's easy for us to pinpoint the beginning of the Giving Experiment. It was conceived during our 10-day family water shutoff. We did this to raise money for We also wanted to raise awareness in our own home and community about the nearly 1 billion people worldwide that do not have access to clean water.

Together with our community of friends and family, we managed to raise over 10,000CAD to help a community gain access to clean drinking water!


During the water shutoff, as a family, we walked daily to a nearby spring about one kilometer from our home to haul our water. The project had a profound impact on us and we knew it was time for us to shift our focus towards something that felt as meaningful as this project to us full-time. 

On this page we will be focusing on the lives we get to learn from abroad and will keep you updated on their stories. As this is an experiment for us, we really don't know exactly where it will take us. For now, we have our eyes set on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and are taking baby steps daily to get there. 


A total success! To read the blog post about the impact our community had in Maria Fernanda's life, click here.

Please also check out the ongoing stories of one of our favorite charities that we support, Charity Water at 

We strongly encourage you to join The Spring. The Spring is a monthly membership just like Netflix or your cable service, except that instead of benefitting from it personally, you will be providing others with the world's most precious amenity: water.

For more information on our family's 10-day water shutoff project, click here!