The Giving Experiment Gallery


A great first year! We have managed to meet so many people that have been eager to get involved and make a difference in this community. Being that San Juan is such a beautiful destination, we try to recruit new faces from around the world each week! This has been an exciting part of our plan and it has led to new connections all around the world! Thank you to all of you that have come and have invested in these children's future. 

There are also those whom have volunteered their time and energy from abroad. Bake sales, block garage sales and farmer's markets. Thank you to each and everyone of you for helping clean this lakeshore, teaching the youth of this community about the value of nature and feeding the hungry!  

Faces we hope to see again!


Special thanks to those that got involved in bringing their community together to bless a community abroad. Highlight mention to our niece Janaya. This amazing 11-year-old girl and her friends Rosemary, Ireland, Blake, and Lenyn pulled off a bake sale in Dawson Creek and raised 500.00 to help fund the club! The children of the club had a fun time learning your name Janaya. (Jah-nai-ahhhh!)

Another big thanks to Solange in Rossland. Solange has been the unofficial ambassador of San Juan to the Kootenays. She has sold our Guatemalan bracelets at farmers markets throughout the year as a way of fundraising and supporting our expenses. This has also, in turn supported an Atitlan local beading coop from Panajachel, across the lake from us. Find her and her own great art on instagram @