The Giving Experiment

1 Family. 5 Children. 1 Year of giving in pursuit of peace.

Everyone knows that material possessions and wealth aren't the keys to happiness right?

We've heard it, we repeat it to our children, we echo the words to one another. This is an experiment of actually living it!   

We are taking the leap together as a family.

We invite you to follow a journey where we will document the process of devoting one calendar year of our lives to giving and simple living. Our goal: to relocate our family to a country with a high child poverty rate, build relationships with street children, support them where we can, and share their individual stories and progress. 

How we'll do it

There is no such thing as a free lunch. But, there are cheaper lunches available.

As a Canadian family of 7, our energy consumption is way higher than it needs to be. Our family's living costs are astronomical compared to that of a standard family in a developing country.

Redefining "comfort" is probably the best place for us to start. By trading the daily luxuries we have become so accustomed to for real-life experiences within a new culture we believe we can bring our entire family's monthly living expenses down to under 1500.00CAD/month.

By following our family story and the children's stories that we aim to support, you will be contributing in a big way to making this adventure possible.

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Our Blog

The experiment in a nut shell:

This experiment is our effort to flee the ruthless bombardment of inescapable media that aims to create a want for things not needed. Downsizing is our effort to live big. To unplug from those products that promised fulfillment but, in actuality, drain us once we've worked so hard to achieve them. 


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