the giving experiment

1 Family. 5 Children. From Canada to Guatemala to learn about sharing.

Our adventure is all about pushing boundaries of what people see as possible with a large family.


On May 26th, 2021, we arrived in Guatemala with the simple goal of assessing where our family of seven could be of most use volunteering. We saw the need for trash cleanup in our region and simply started off by cleaning up garbage as a family. The vision became clear. Together with a committee of 5 Mayan women, we founded a kid's club aptly named "Children for a better San Juan." 

We are taking daily baby steps towards investing in the inheritance of the next generation.


Projects now include:

A community garden and food forest

Children's shoreline cleanups

Arts and crafts with the recycled materials

Lunches for the kid's club participants

A neighbourhood music academy

Food baskets for families that are active leaders in the club

Free community dinners and cultural exchanges

Workshops and courses to support local entrepreneurs 


Our first day of club


Club now

The programmed weekly lessons are themed around environmental care, sanitation, and recycling by making art out of the materials collected!

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The club and community garden is a safe place for these kids to play and learn. There is hope here.

We are so excited about where this is going and invite you to join with us through sponsoring our initiatives.


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